Karka Rul'pek



Name: Karka Rul’pek (Groundloop)
Race: Bothan
Career: Technician
Spec: Slicer


Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 3 3 3 2 2

Calculated Characteristics

Soak Value Wounds Strain Ranged Defense Melee Defense
2 11 13 1 1


  • Astrogation (Int)*: 1
  • Athletics (Br): 1
  • Computers (Int)*: 3
  • Coordination (Ag)*: 1
  • Discipline (Will)*: 1
  • Mechanics (Int)*: 1
  • Perception (Cun)*: 1
  • Piloting – Planetary (Ag)*: 2
  • Stealth (Ag): 1
  • Streetwise (Cun)*: 1
  • Gunnery (Ag): 1
  • Ranged – Light (Ag): 1
  • Education (Int)*: 1
  • Underworld (Int)*: 2
*carrer skill

Technician: Slicer Talents

  • Bypass Security: 1
  • Codebreaker: 1
  • Convincing demeanor: 1
  • Grit: 1
  • Technical Aptitude: 1

Technician: Outlaw Tech Talents

  • Utinni!: 1


  • Ambition – Expertise: Slicer
    Karka is driven to perfect his slicing skills. He seeks notoriety among his peers. In slicing circles, he is known as Groundloop and making use of a ground symbol circled by an arrow.
  • Relationship – Droid companion (Removed)
    Karka rebuilt a LOM Protocol Droid, installed a female AI, and edited her ID to UR51-LOM. He nicknamed her “Ursi”, the Bothan word for “pet”. Ursi has since edited her AI and keeps Karka from tinkering further with it, often pointing out this fact. She tends towards sarcasm and is highly critical of Karka’s skills, though often playfully. Regardless of Ursi’s intent, Karka is stung by her criticisms and it further drives his ambition to prove his mastery of slicing.

Ursi was lost to the Black Suns where Mal Corrama was modifying her. Karka has regretfully given up recovering her.


  • Criminal – Bank heist
    Magnitude: 35
    Karka recently sliced into a bank server on Coruscant, extracting a large sum of credits, much of which has already been spent. Karka’s wheel man, a Rodian by the name Harido, fled after receiving his share. Unfortunately for Karka, Rodian escaped on the prepared vessel and left Karka planetside. Karka is currently looking for a means to get off this rock and preferably without an Imperial escort.

*Bounty from the Black Suns
Magnitude: 10
Following a data heist in the Black Sun HQ, Mal Corrama has put a bounty out on Karka.


  • Armored Clothing
  • Blaster
  • Vibroknife (Serrated)
  • Slicer Gear
  • Backpack
  • Utility Belt
  • Toolkit
  • 5 glow rods
  • Chance cubes
  • Datapad
  • Commlink
  • 1530 credits

The midday rays reflected off the windows of one of the Bothan Trade Union’s many satellite buildings, nestled deep in Bothawai’s bustling capital city. The building stood in good company among other tall, nondescript sandstone buildings in Drev’starn’s Trade District. Light poured through the ceraglass portals into the many offices contained in the building but, like its secrets, none was allowed to escape.

One such office remained silent outside of the sonic suppression net that lined its interior. The dozen Bothan occupants sat around a large oval table, each with a datapad displaying their shared information, while a few Bothans were seated along the wall operating more sophisticated equipment.

The participants were active members of the Bothan Martial Intelligence Division, each with a military background concealed only by their ordinary attire. Within the secured walls of this room, they spoke freely.

“It’s been a long day, folks, but stay sharp.” Fenn’s deep voice broke through the disruptive chatter.

Major Fenn Kre’lar, seated at the head of the table, created and led the gathered Bothan team, known to a privileged few of the Martial Intelligence Division as The Shepherds. This team was not officially on the MID books. Each of the team members were hand-chosen by Fenn for its highly experimental purpose.

“Lieutenant.” Fenn raised his hand,offering Lt. Kas’ek control of the meeting.

“Yes, Sir. We have one last FRAG to review.” Kas’eks response was proper despite the usually relaxed nature of these meetings. He tapped his datapad and all datapads lining the table updated with the holo-projection of a rotating Bothan standing beside a scrolling window of data. “Borsk, this one is yours.”

Borsk comfortably leaned back in his chair. “The scrawny Bothan presented to you is one Karka Rul’pek. He goes by a number of aliases but to date his favorites have been Oktrem Plat’syk or, as more commonly known on Holonet, Groundloop.”

“Groundloop? Do we have a flyboy here?” Fenn broke in.

“Slicer, boss.”

Kith, seated on the side of the room and tapping away on her deck, spoke up without lifting her face from her screen. “It’s a tech thing, pops, you wouldn’t get it.”

Fenn turned to Kith. “Zot! What is it with you slicers and your silly names, huh, Synthesis?” he said with a chuckle, emphasizing her name.

“Well, since your my friend, you can call me Sin or even The Sis.” Kith looked up at Fenn and stuck out her tongue. Her “SynTh3S1s” handle had been and continues to be active on Holonet.

The room broken into laughter, including Fenn who shook his head. “Ah, what a family I have chosen. I’m glad the brass doesn’t sit in on these meetings or they’d pull our funding. Alright, Borsk, back to you. Tell us some stories about our little friend here.”

The MID formed from Bothan’s military ranks and has spent its most recent efforts to build it’s own, purely Bothan, information network to stand separate from Spynet, which had grown too large to effectively manage. While Spynet’s information is vast, its size and inclusion of non-Bothan entities has made it difficult to defend against infiltration.

Fenn formed The Shepherds to act as a low-cost means of conducting field activities. The galaxy was populated by highly talented beings conducting business of their own with interests aligned with the MID. Fenn’s idea was to tap those resources instead of maintaining additional field agents on the MID’s payroll. The Shepherds referred to these individuals as Free Roaming Actionable Guest Agents, or often, FRAGs. With the proper logistics, FRAGs could be utilized by The Shepherds without their knowledge. This offered the MID a safe distance from the operations overseen by The Shepherds.

“Let’s see.” continued Borsk. “Karka grew up here on Bothawui out in the rural sector east of here. It’s a poor area but the people there manage. His parents still live there, performing odd jobs often machine maintenance. That’s probably where Karka got his start with machines.”

“Siblings?” asked Fenn.

“Just one: his younger sister, Ursika. She didn’t survive a trip to the local junkyard. The family was scrounging for parts when the crane toppled over a pile.”

“How is that possible?” asked Kith. “Safety modules are common for the scrapheap bots.”

“Like I said, it’s a poor area. They probably were still operating manually.”

“That’s horrible,” said Kith.

“And against regulations but it isn’t what we’re here for,” Fenn interjected.

Borsk continued. “Karka continued working with his family business. On the side, he fell in with a small crew of your typical delinquents.” He pointed at Kith, in example, but her focus was already affixed to the glow of her deck.

“It was here he honed his slicing skills and started to create a new name for himself. He pieced together his own LOM droid with parts he likely stole from various junkyards. He started running into trouble with local law but nothing too serious.”

“Sounds like a candidate for the Syn fan club,” said Fenn.

“Only if he can pass the test,” replied Kith. “You didn’t have to take the test, Fenny, because you’re such a good daddy to us all.”

Fenn sighed and shook his head with a slight smile. He couldn’t deny his father figure role to the team and he’d never admit to his enjoyment of it.

Borsk tiredly wrapped up his overview without allowing the commentary to break his pace. “Local law believes he was involved in a number of slicing, property defacement, breaking and entering, and petty thefts but haven’t pinned them to him. Once he stirred up enough trouble, he hopped a merchant ship off planet and hasn’t returned since.”

“Sounds like have the kids on Bothawui. Why do we care about this one?” Fenn asked Borsk.

“Well, for one, The First Bank of Coruscant is reporting a break in and theft. Our intel reports that a digital calling card was left, signed by Groundloop,” responded Borsk. “Word is, he then went on to stir up some trouble for the Black Suns. Certainly not your typical vacation plans for a trip Coruscant.”

Kith scoffed. “Yeah well, if you think that’s something, someone claiming to be Groundloop just leaked a Sabaac algorithm to the Darknet.”

“Sounds like he passed your test, Kith,” said Fenn.

“This is wild if he’s legit.”

Fenn cleared his throat. “While it’s nice that you are dedicated to our front lines of intel collection, shouldn’t you be focused keeping our connection secured, Kith?”

“Bor-ing!” sung Kith. “We are safer than a bar of soap in a Gamorrean barrack. I’ve got things locked down nice and tight. You know I’m the best, right, Daddy?” Kith childishly batted her eyes at Fenn, giving Fenn pause to rethink his stance regarding his role in the team.

Fenn decided not to respond. Kith was good at what she did, though. Fenn had no doubt of this. He picked her for this very reason. The personality that accompanied her brilliance was just another job hazard he was willing to endure.

“What do you think Borsk? Is this an asset we can manage?” asked Fenn, turning back to Borsk

“I estimate his ego to be his greatest weakness, boss. Used right, we can point him in any direction we want. He’ll be too focused on looking at his reflection to consider asking who is pulling the strings. I recommend we continue monitoring.”

“Well, it sounds like our little friend has created quite a name for himself. That either makes him very useful or very dangerous to us. Keep him on the stack, Borsk, and let’s see what comes of him. He’ll be a good tool to keep in the toolbox. If we find we have a more immediate need for him, we can place some intermediaries on his path to help alleviate his circumstances in exchange for his services. Just be sure he can’t trace it back to us. So far, he’s shown himself to be very clever or very stupid but I don’t want to take any chances.”

The Shepherds rarely worked in a fashion where their FRAGs knew who they were working with. Often times, chains of contacts were used to make it difficult for guest agents to know who was really benefit by the work done. Deals would be made for the guest agent’s service, enticing the guest agent based on the intel collected by The Shepherds. The benefit of this arrangement was that The Shepherds gained the use of self-made talents they didn’t need to spend time training. These guest agents were also disposable. Should a FRAG fail their mission, The Shepherds could find another. The universe provided a seemingly endless supply of those willing to get jobs done for the right compensation.

“Anything else, Borsk?” asked Fenn.

“Nope, that should cover it.”

“Alright, folks. The brass have been happy with the results so far so keep up the good work out there. We’ll meet up again for new assessments next cycle. The rest of the show is all yours, Kith.”

“Yay! Data links terminated. SecPorts closed. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Now put a muzzle on it, everyone, I’m taking down the sound net in 3…2…”, said Kith. The members of the room went quiet before she silently mouthed “one”.

The members of the room filed out of the room as the techs packed their gear into inconspicuous cases. After the room emptied, four Bothan “cleaners” entered to begin work on the room, removing any trace of the room’s prior occupants. This was an additional service the Bothan Trade Union happily offered The Shepherds for a premium the BTU deem “respectable”.

Karka Rul'pek

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