Zsash Rha

Twi'lek Assassin

Soak Value Wounds Strain Ranged Defense Melee Defense
2 (4) 12 13 0 1
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 2 3 2 3

Cause: Local Politics / Parents

Family: 15
Criminal: 20
Rann Tavers: 10
Favor (Jabba the Hutt): 5
Bounty (Black Sun): 5

General Skills (* = Career Skill)
*Athletics(Br): 1
Coercion(Wil): 1
Coordination(ag): 1
Cool(Pr): 2
Deception(Cun): 3
Discipline(Wil): 2
Negotiation(pre): 2
*Perception(Cun): 2
*Planetary Piloting(ag): 1
*Space Piloting(ag): 1
Resilience(br): 1
*Skullduggery(cun): 1
*Stealth(ag): 1
*Streetwise(cun): 2
*Vigilance(wil): 1

Combat Skills (* = Career Skills)
*Brawl(str): 1
*Melee(br): 3
Ranged Light(Ag): 1
*Ranged Hvy(ag): 1

Knowledge Skills:
Underworld(Int): 2

Talents and Special Abilities:
Stalker 1: Add +1 Boost for each rank in Stalker on Stealth and Coordination tests
Lethal Blows 1: Add +10 to Critical Hit Results per level
Twi’Lek: -1 Penalty Die due to Hot/Arid Environments

Force Sensitive Talents:
Uncanny Senses: Add one Boost per rank to all Perception checks.
Convincing Demeanor: Remove a Black Die per rank of Convincing Demeanor from Deceit or
Skulduggery checks
Sense Danger: Once per session, remove 2 black die from any one check
Insight: Per and Disc become career skills.
Uncanny Reactions: And one Boost Die per rank to all Vigilance Checks.

Equipment (currently MIA):
Blaster Rifle
Padded Armor
Utility Belt
4 Stims
6 Ration Packs
2 Extra Reloads (Blaster Rifle)
5300 Credits


B’ura B’an
Lang Binar

Beaus on various worlds, including:
Rann Travers, The Lavishing One, Coruscant
Bengara, The “Business-First” One, Tattooine
<name>, The Jealous One
<name>, The Impulsive One
<name>, The Artistic One
(TBD as they show up)


Zsash Rha

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