Star Wars

Rebel Terrorists Destroy Diplomatic Station
Destruction of the Dynasty Class Space Station Revealed!


Rumors have been circulating throughout the Empire for months now of a battle between the terrorist group “Rebel Alliance” and the Empire, that allegedly ended in the destruction of an Imperial Space Station. The destruction of the planet Alderaan has likewise been attributed to Imperial aggression in these rumors. Details have been sketchy, and the events in question have been manipulated by the rebel terrorists as anti-Imperial propaganda.

Now, thanks to recently declassified information, the citizens of the Empire can know the truth. COMPNOR Spokesperson Bront Autin of the Coalition for Progress has issued the following statement:

“The Rebel Alliance is a terrorist organization that is bent upon the removal of the lawfully elected Emperor and the destruction of the Empire as a whole. The stated goal of the Rebel Alliance is to restore the Republic, which had previously failed to stop a galaxy wide war and had been proven to be corrupt and acting in the interests of the commerce guilds instead of the people of the galaxy.

Until recently, the Alliance was not a serious threat. However, somehow they obtained knowledge of the Empire’s new Dynasty Class Diplomatic space station, the DS-1, which the Rebels code named “Death Star”.

Rebel agitators on Alderaan manipulated the governing royal house of Organa into declaring war with the Empire and attacked the nearby station. It was forced to defend itself, and easily defeated the Organa separatists. Rather than admit defeat, the Organna rebels detonated a secret weapon which destroyed their own world.

We have it on good authority that a surviving member of the house of Organa is organizing the Rebel Alliance and attempting to bring this sort of destruction to the rest of the core worlds. That she would be complicit in her own planet’s destruction and then conspire to do the same to countless other worlds tells you much about the nature of this so-called Republic they claim to support.

The Rebel Alliance wasted no time blaming the Empire for the loss of Alderaan and used this as a flimsy justification for their acts of terror. Lead to Yavin under the false pretenses of peace talks, the Rebel Alliance lead an attack on the DS-1. Luke Skywalker fired the shot that destroyed DS-1 killing over 1 million Imperial officers, personnel and private citizens. Like the Princess Leia Organa, he is heralded as a hero of the Alliance. That these individuals, responsible for millions of lives lost, are the heroes of this Rebel Alliance tells you much about their true nature.

We at COMPNOR extend our heartfelt sympathies to the survivors of Alderaan and the madness of the Organa Royal House, and to the families of the millions of Imperial military and civilian personnel stationed aboard the DS1. Rest assured, their deaths will be avenged and these Rebels brought to justice."

It’s sobering news to learn of this scale of terror being perpetrated against the loyal citizens of the Empire. We at Holonet News would also like to extend our sympathies. However, it’s also important to ensure these terrorists are stopped.

If any citizens suspect their neighbors, friends, or even family members of being Rebel Sympathizers, be sure to contact your local COMPNOR offices via any holonet terminal. It’s the only way we can prevent another Alderaan.

Episode XII
Tales From the Darkside

Skee Coridu and Karka Rul’Pek continue their investigation into the mysterious Imperial Agent Sidika Serad. Seeking out the retired infochant NAWARA DONEETA on Nal Hutta, they try to probe deeper into this alleged “Emperor’s Hand”.

Meanwhile Karka has been tasked by SINOSU THE HUTT to dig up some valuable intelligence on his hated rival, Noaku The Hutt. As these events unfold, the turf war between Sinosu and Noaku continues to escalate…

SoroSuub Corporation Supports The Empire
Sullust taken over in Corporate Coup!


Originally Published in The Iron Will
COMPNOR, Imperial City, Coruscant

The Empire confirmed today rumors that the SoroSuub Corporation has officially pledged it’s support, after toppling the local government of Sullust. “It is a great day for the Empire” says COMPNOR Spokesperson Bront Autin of the Coalition for Progress. “While Sullustans are not pure humans, they are near humans, so we can welcome them. Perhaps not as brothers, but as cousins.”

Sullust’s powerful industries will no doubt add much to the Empire’s already impressive production capacity, ensuring it’s ability to reach far and wide and crush any resistance. “The so-called ‘Rebel Alliance’ is nothing more than a gang of thieves, murderers, and terrorists. With the added resources of SoroSuub, not to mention Sullust, we can turn our attentions to some of the darker, seedier corners of the galaxy where humanity in any form is all but unknown. In these primitive backrocket worlds, we will find and bring to justice the cave-dwelling perpetrators of the atrocities of the past few months” Autin confirmed.

This reporter is glad that the Empire has such dedicated activists such as Autin and the Board of Directors at SoroSuub out there ensuring Humanity’s dominance and the Empire’s security.

Hail the Emperor! and Hail COMPNOR!


Episode XI
The Hutt's Favor

Called upon to perform a favor for BARGOS THE HUTT by none other than Jabba himself, Zsash Rha has been ordered to travel to the Oridium Mine of Garvos, recently acquired by the Hutt, and collect it’s first substantial payout.

Upon her uneventful arrival on Gavros, it is quickly apparent that something is amiss with the mining world…

Episode X
Trade Troubles

With their business for the notorious Groola The Hutt completed, Skee Coridu and Karka Rul’Pek plan to head to the Hutt-controlled world of Nal Hutta and it’s moon of NAR SHADDA.

Despite an unusually large Imperial military presence on Tatooine, the pair plan to purchase some valuable contraband to sell upon arrival to “The Smuggler’s Moon”…

Episode IX
The Abregado Assassination

Twi’lek assassin Zsash Rha leaves for the world Abregado Rae, where a faction of the indigenous Gados have taken a bounty out on their iron-fisted leader TUNDEI SHELOV.

As Shelov lives in a veritable fortress, anyone wishing to collect the bounty will need a creative plan to get access to the tyrannical Herglic…

Tyrena Streets in Chaos
Officials seek information about "joyriders"

CNN: Corellian News Network
TYRENA, Corellia.

CorSec officials are seeking information on two beings that engaged local security forces in a high-speed chase through downtown Tyrena last night.

“One of our officers saw a speeder driving recklessly as it entered the downtown area and engaged in a standard pursuit to issue a citation.” said CorSec Public Relations Officer Sim Arlos “For reasons that are still unclear, rather than stop when directed, the pair decided to run, driving recklessly and with high speed through the streets”

The beings didn’t stop there, said Arlos, but also discharged a blaster at pursuers, lobbed stun grenades into a police vehicle and into traffic, and shot at the city infrastructure causing tens of thousands of credits in property damage.

In addition to the property damage, 15 beings were injured or stunned. As no one was killed, CorSec says the suspects, if found, would likely have to pay a fine and work to provide restitution for the damage they caused through community service.

“At this time we’re unsure if the suspects are local or offworlder, but we’re fairly certain that at least one is either a Rodian or some other reptilian life form. Unfortunately the holocams only caught blurred images.” Arlos told CNN “Our assumption is that these were some young people having a joy ride that got out of hand. While we can understand that speeder racing can be really thrilling, we can’t let this sort of thing disrupt the city like this, and we need to send that message”.

It would not be the first time that a high speed chase or a discharge of weapons has disrupted the city. Local Tyrena resident Corr Sarken is not surprised at last night’s misadventure. “Driving and flying fast and shooting from the hip are just part of being Corellian” he says with a crooked smile “Things like this happen sometimes, and while I know it gives CorSec headaches, it just wouldn’t be Corellia without an occasional high speed chase or random shootout”.

Episode VIII: The Corellian Deal

Having escaped CorSec police forces in a high-speed chase through the streets of the Corellian city of Tyrena, Skee Coridu and Karka Rul’pek are headed to the capitol city of Coronet and it’s notorious Treasure Ship Row trade bazaar.

Preparing The Lucky Hand for what appears to be nothing more than a routine delivery of some Corellian Whiskey to the desert world of Tatooine for GROOLA THE HUTT, fortunes seem to be looking up for the pair…

Epidsode VII: A Lucky Hand

The Bothan slicer Karka has been betrayed and sold out by the Twi’lek Assassin Zsash Rha. Unconscious and locked up in an abandoned industrial plant, he is unaware of the Black Sun thugs closing in.

Fortunately for Karka, the Rodian smuggler SKEE CORIDU has determined to rescue him for reasons of her own. Only moments ahead of the Black Sun forces, Skee finds the unconcious Bothan…

Episode VI: Assassin's Gambit

Having barely escaped from the Imperial Forces of Commander Tymon, Zsash Rha has fled to a safe house in the Southern Underground with an unconcious Karka in Tow.

With no funds and few options, Zsash decides on a risky course of action that, if successful, could turn the tide of her mission on Coruscant…


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