Star Wars

SoroSuub Corporation Supports The Empire

Sullust taken over in Corporate Coup!


Originally Published in The Iron Will
COMPNOR, Imperial City, Coruscant

The Empire confirmed today rumors that the SoroSuub Corporation has officially pledged it’s support, after toppling the local government of Sullust. “It is a great day for the Empire” says COMPNOR Spokesperson Bront Autin of the Coalition for Progress. “While Sullustans are not pure humans, they are near humans, so we can welcome them. Perhaps not as brothers, but as cousins.”

Sullust’s powerful industries will no doubt add much to the Empire’s already impressive production capacity, ensuring it’s ability to reach far and wide and crush any resistance. “The so-called ‘Rebel Alliance’ is nothing more than a gang of thieves, murderers, and terrorists. With the added resources of SoroSuub, not to mention Sullust, we can turn our attentions to some of the darker, seedier corners of the galaxy where humanity in any form is all but unknown. In these primitive backrocket worlds, we will find and bring to justice the cave-dwelling perpetrators of the atrocities of the past few months” Autin confirmed.

This reporter is glad that the Empire has such dedicated activists such as Autin and the Board of Directors at SoroSuub out there ensuring Humanity’s dominance and the Empire’s security.

Hail the Emperor! and Hail COMPNOR!



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