Star Wars

Tyrena Streets in Chaos

Officials seek information about "joyriders"

CNN: Corellian News Network
TYRENA, Corellia.

CorSec officials are seeking information on two beings that engaged local security forces in a high-speed chase through downtown Tyrena last night.

“One of our officers saw a speeder driving recklessly as it entered the downtown area and engaged in a standard pursuit to issue a citation.” said CorSec Public Relations Officer Sim Arlos “For reasons that are still unclear, rather than stop when directed, the pair decided to run, driving recklessly and with high speed through the streets”

The beings didn’t stop there, said Arlos, but also discharged a blaster at pursuers, lobbed stun grenades into a police vehicle and into traffic, and shot at the city infrastructure causing tens of thousands of credits in property damage.

In addition to the property damage, 15 beings were injured or stunned. As no one was killed, CorSec says the suspects, if found, would likely have to pay a fine and work to provide restitution for the damage they caused through community service.

“At this time we’re unsure if the suspects are local or offworlder, but we’re fairly certain that at least one is either a Rodian or some other reptilian life form. Unfortunately the holocams only caught blurred images.” Arlos told CNN “Our assumption is that these were some young people having a joy ride that got out of hand. While we can understand that speeder racing can be really thrilling, we can’t let this sort of thing disrupt the city like this, and we need to send that message”.

It would not be the first time that a high speed chase or a discharge of weapons has disrupted the city. Local Tyrena resident Corr Sarken is not surprised at last night’s misadventure. “Driving and flying fast and shooting from the hip are just part of being Corellian” he says with a crooked smile “Things like this happen sometimes, and while I know it gives CorSec headaches, it just wouldn’t be Corellia without an occasional high speed chase or random shootout”.


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