Cmdr. Hakon Tymon

Commander of the 903rd Infantry stationed on Coruscant


Commander Hakon Tymon is in command of an Imperial Outpost in the Southern Underground district of Coruscant, where it’s primary job is keeping the peace among the criminal elements in the region that are too well armed and numerous for the usual police forces.

Tymon’s strategy in dealing with this problem is merely to contain the “rabble”. He occasionally sends troops into trouble areas or in pursuit of high profile criminals who do not have protection of the local Black Sun Vigo, Mal Coramma. That Tymon and Coramma have some sort of corrupt relationship is apparent, but who is working for whom is less than clear.

Commander Tymon is given great latitude to work autonomously as long as he continues to prevent the dangerous elements of the Southern Underground from spilling over into more lucrative and human-populated areas of the city.


Cmdr. Hakon Tymon

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