Lt. Rann Tavers


Rann Tavers always wanted the wealth and privilege of the Noble houses. Managing to rely on a well off uncle to get himself enrolled in the Imperial Academy, his social acumen allowed him to quickly boot-lick his way to the rank he currently holds. Lacking the necessary ambition to rise any further, he still managed to use what favors he had to get himself posted to the Uscru Entertainment District of Coruscant as a glorified paper pusher.

Lt. Tavers uses his position to acquire illicit legal services for various shady people around Uscru. Need a permit but don’t qualify? Talk to Tavers. Need to pass a health inspection? Talk to Tavers. Need a license for restricted military equipment? Talk to Tavers.

In return, Rann has managed to trade this service for a wide variety of perks from the local businesses in the district, from a private booth (with comped food and drink) at the Outlander Club, to a free suite at the Vos Gesel Hotel, to a private box at the Galaxies Opera House. He uses these perks to both live well and impress young Coruscanti women with his influence.

Tavers has managed to avoid being caught by his superiors by both leveraging the complexities of Imperial bureaucracy to his advantage as well as ensuring no illegal credits ever pass through his hands; all his services are paid for in kind, and so there are no suspicious credit transfers to his accounts.

Rann had a brief but stormy fling with Zsash Rha some years ago, which grew even hotter when she returned to Coruscant. The difference now is she owes him for harboring Karka…


Lt. Rann Tavers

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