Star Wars

Episode III: Under A Black Sun

It is a dark time for the galaxy. The city of Coruscant, once the glittering jewel of the Republic, now lies under the shadow of the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Deep below the skyscrapers and towers of the world-city, a bustling black market flourishes in the depths of the underworld, controlled by the notorious and powerful crime syndicate, BLACK SUN.

Sent a cryptic message from her family on Ryloth, Zsash Rha arrives in the Coruscant system, unsure of what she’ll find in the Imperial Capitol…

First Bank of Coruscant infiltrated [Karka intro]

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Breaking News – First Bank of Coruscant Falls Victim to Theft

Some 10,000 credits were stolen from the First Bank of Coruscant last night. What was originally believed to be a data error is now being investigated as a well planned robbery.

The Coruscant Security Force’s Organized Crime Unit (CSF-OCU) are currently on the lookout for two suspects, a Bothan and a Rodian. See below for video feed captures of the suspects. Based on a digital calling card found at the scene of the crime, the CSF believes one of the two suspects to go by slicer alias “Groundloop”.

Karka mugshot static Harido mugshot static

The suspects are believed to be armed and dangerous. CSF requests that any citizen with information, which may be related to the incident, report it immediately to the local authorities and urge that the suspects should not be directly engaged.

The First Bank of Coruscant security team has launched an internal investigation and assures the public that all accounts are insured by the Empire. A security spokesperson from the First Bank of Coruscant reports that this incident poses no threat to the clients of the bank and security has been appropriately increased. “The CSF has our full co-operation and we are confident they will apprehend these low-life thieves.”, says bank Manager, Adana Goa.

Black Sun correspondence

[ This, of course, is assuming we successfully escape the Black Sun facility ]

To: Mal Coramma
From: DigiSec Team


Following the recent breach our team has scrubbed the database logs and vid feeds. Details regarding a recent organic goods shipment, 0B0ACD03, were accessed and we have no theories on the intent of the breach. The team has found what looks to be a calling card embedded in the database tablespace:

                    $myData = $yourData;

  .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.   .-.
     'G'   'R'   '0'   'U'   'D'   'L'   '0'   '0'   'P'

                          . ( .
                      .      \    .
                   .                 .
                 .          |          .
                .           |           .
                G        -------        L
                .         -----         .
                 .         ---         .
                   .        -        .
                      .           .

               I am the noise on the wire

The vid feeds captured a skilled Bothan slicer, who we believe to be this “Groundloop”, accompanied by a LOM droid and a lethal Twi’lek combatant disguised as Miss Luroon. The Twi’lek called the Bothan “Oktrem” though we believe this to be an alias.

Episode IV: Shadows of a Black Sun

After teaming up with the slicer “Groundloop” and his Droid companion “Ursi”, The Twi’lek assassin Zash Rha has been cornered while infiltrating a stronghold of the notorious BLACK SUN crime syndicate.

Having retreived vital data on the identity of their target while under attack from Black Sun enforcers, they must still escape the facility and see the hard-won information put to good use, while avoiding the wrath of both the Black Sun and the Galactic Empire…

Episode V: Imperial Entanglements
Episode V: Imperial Entanglements

Having escaped from the depths of the Coruscant Underworld, Zash Ra and her Bothan companion Groundloop have found themselves broke and helpless in the Southern Underground.

Zash Rha has a plan to call upon an old paramour, LIEUTENNANT RANN TAVORS, an Imperial Officer stationed in the infamous and decadent USCRU ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT to ask for succor, with no idea how he may react to the pair showing up on his doorstep…

Episode VI: Assassin's Gambit

Having barely escaped from the Imperial Forces of Commander Tymon, Zsash Rha has fled to a safe house in the Southern Underground with an unconcious Karka in Tow.

With no funds and few options, Zsash decides on a risky course of action that, if successful, could turn the tide of her mission on Coruscant…

Epidsode VII: A Lucky Hand

The Bothan slicer Karka has been betrayed and sold out by the Twi’lek Assassin Zsash Rha. Unconscious and locked up in an abandoned industrial plant, he is unaware of the Black Sun thugs closing in.

Fortunately for Karka, the Rodian smuggler SKEE CORIDU has determined to rescue him for reasons of her own. Only moments ahead of the Black Sun forces, Skee finds the unconcious Bothan…

Episode VIII: The Corellian Deal

Having escaped CorSec police forces in a high-speed chase through the streets of the Corellian city of Tyrena, Skee Coridu and Karka Rul’pek are headed to the capitol city of Coronet and it’s notorious Treasure Ship Row trade bazaar.

Preparing The Lucky Hand for what appears to be nothing more than a routine delivery of some Corellian Whiskey to the desert world of Tatooine for GROOLA THE HUTT, fortunes seem to be looking up for the pair…

Tyrena Streets in Chaos
Officials seek information about "joyriders"

CNN: Corellian News Network
TYRENA, Corellia.

CorSec officials are seeking information on two beings that engaged local security forces in a high-speed chase through downtown Tyrena last night.

“One of our officers saw a speeder driving recklessly as it entered the downtown area and engaged in a standard pursuit to issue a citation.” said CorSec Public Relations Officer Sim Arlos “For reasons that are still unclear, rather than stop when directed, the pair decided to run, driving recklessly and with high speed through the streets”

The beings didn’t stop there, said Arlos, but also discharged a blaster at pursuers, lobbed stun grenades into a police vehicle and into traffic, and shot at the city infrastructure causing tens of thousands of credits in property damage.

In addition to the property damage, 15 beings were injured or stunned. As no one was killed, CorSec says the suspects, if found, would likely have to pay a fine and work to provide restitution for the damage they caused through community service.

“At this time we’re unsure if the suspects are local or offworlder, but we’re fairly certain that at least one is either a Rodian or some other reptilian life form. Unfortunately the holocams only caught blurred images.” Arlos told CNN “Our assumption is that these were some young people having a joy ride that got out of hand. While we can understand that speeder racing can be really thrilling, we can’t let this sort of thing disrupt the city like this, and we need to send that message”.

It would not be the first time that a high speed chase or a discharge of weapons has disrupted the city. Local Tyrena resident Corr Sarken is not surprised at last night’s misadventure. “Driving and flying fast and shooting from the hip are just part of being Corellian” he says with a crooked smile “Things like this happen sometimes, and while I know it gives CorSec headaches, it just wouldn’t be Corellia without an occasional high speed chase or random shootout”.

Episode IX
The Abregado Assassination

Twi’lek assassin Zsash Rha leaves for the world Abregado Rae, where a faction of the indigenous Gados have taken a bounty out on their iron-fisted leader TUNDEI SHELOV.

As Shelov lives in a veritable fortress, anyone wishing to collect the bounty will need a creative plan to get access to the tyrannical Herglic…


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